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Circular Economy Self-Rate Tool: Manufacturing

By ilearnadm

Circular Business Model 1: Circular Supplies

*“The company captures value from recycled supplies”. The ability to capture value in Circular Economy includes resale – as good as new / performance – pay peruse and/or internalisation e.g. upstream processes optimisation”

1.The company implements procedures to actively reduce its ecological footprint.
2.The company captures value* from recycled supplies.
3.The company captures value* from biodegradable supplies.
4.The company captures value* from renewable supplies.
5.The company captures value* from non-toxic supplies.
6.The company replaces scarce resources with fully renewable, recyclable, or biodegradable resource inputs.
7.The company implements procedures to actively reduce the demand for virgin resource extraction in the long run.
8.The company implements procedures to limit or eliminate hazardous materials and contamination.
9.The company engages with its suppliers to increase sourcing based on circular economy principles.
10.The company uses energy from renewable sources (electricity, heat, and fuel) in its value chain.
11.The company combines raw materials and components that facilitate the maintenance of the quality of these materials for many consecutive cycles (uncontaminated materials steams).
12.The company implements procedures to actively minimise the consumption of packaging materials.
13.The company collects unused material and returns it to the supplier.
14.The company implements procedures new methods for cleaner transportation of its products (electric vehicles, biofuels, etc.).

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